About Us

BitBooks goes beyond just YouTube channels

We started in 2018, with horror books and now we're focused on videos

Bitbooks specializes in creating branded channels centered around true scary horror stories and original spine-chilling music. We’re here to bring you the ultimate fusion of terrifying tales and haunting melodies, delivering a unique and immersive experience like no other.


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Our mission

We work closely with talented storytellers and musicians who excel in crafting bone-chilling narratives and composing atmospheric original music. Our team's creative genius is unleashed to curate a collection of YouTube channels that will keep you captivated, frightened, and tapping your foot to the eerie beats.

Our values

Our narrators of horror stories help many people fall asleep. Videos we create are over 3 hours long and they help our listeners to chill, relax and fight insomnia.


We are trusted by leading companies